Hi, I'm here on Mount Rushmore with these guys because I wrote a book about presidential elections. If you think this election year is crazy, you should read about what George Washington did to win his first election in Virginia. Or, which candidate was called a "pot-bellied, mutton-headed cucumber!"          Find out more >


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My most recent book, The First Step, is illustrated by the wonderful E.B. Lewis. It's the story of the first lawsuit that tried to make segregated schools against the law. And it happened in Boston in 1847–before the Civil War.

With Lewis’s stirring watercolors that astutely capture the emotion of history, this book is an eloquent, inspiring reminder that “the march toward justice is a long, twisting journey.  -The New York Times


The First Step has received a lot of acknowledgment including the Jane Addams Peace Association's Honor Book Award, the Orbis Pictus Honor Book Award from the National Council of Teachers of English and…

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