Unseen Rainbows, Silent Songs:

Begins with the familiar, then leads children along an interesting path to the uncommon. -Booklist                                                                                                                                                    Bats creating pictures with sound, moths using a language of scent, snakes locating prey by “seeing” their victims’ heat – a look at the world that dances and sings beyond the reach of our human senses.


A fascinating look into aspects of the natural work that are imperceptible to humans…exhilarating text. A provocative concept, a wonderful read. -Kirkus

This is a clever, unique approach to the topic and should be appealing both to browsers and researchers. -School Library Journal



Mice call out to warn each other of danger.  But the sounds are so high they become a secret language.  We can’t hear them.  Luckily for mice, neither can cats!