Hazelle Boxberg: True Stories from America’s Past


Hazelle has been living in an orphanage in New York City for almost a year. Now she and several other children have been put on a train headed for Texas to be placed with families that want children. But Hazelle isn’t an orphan, and her new home isn’t what she expected. Will Hazelle find a place where she belongs?

Hazelle Boxberg was a real eleven-year-old girl who traveled to Texas on an orphan train in 1918.


My daughter is 8 years old and is a reluctant reader, yet she actually asked for this (and the other books in the Brave Kids series) for Christmas. She said that the stories are great and that they make history fun. I can’t argue with that. -Wendy T, Amazon reviewer


Well, maybe this fact isn’t actually that much fun.  Orphan trains really did exist.  Today, the idea of sending children all the way across the country to live with strangers seems cruel.  Over 150 years ago, however, people thought it was a good (and kind) way to help orphans and homeless children from big cities in the East.  In the 75 years that orphan trains were used, about 250,000 children traveled West.