Nature Did It First!

People need to stay dry, keep warm, and carry lots of things around—from babies to bananas. To do this, we’ve borrowed a few ideas from the rest of the animal kingdom. Find out who and how in Nature Did It First!


The interactive aspect of the presentation is engaging. Clear, colorful photographs and attractive book design make this an appealing choice for school and public libraries, where science titles for young children are increasingly in demand. -Booklist

A deceptively simple concept book that shows the ways in which humans have learned from the natural world, the book may spur readers to think of other examples of nature doing it first. The book also serves to remind us that we remain part of nature, too. -Children’s Literature



Many moths and butterflies use straws too.  They suck nectar through a long hollow tube called a proboscis.  Their drinking-straw tongues coil up when they are not being used. Nature did it first!