When See How They Run: Campaign Dreams, Election Schemes, and the Race to the White House first came out in time for the 2008 presidential election, created the KIDS SPEAK OUT! Survey.  In it, kids wrote in anonymously and gave their opinions about voting and the problems facing our country.

One question I asked was what they might want to tell the new president, whoever he or she might be. (At the beginning of the survey, Hilary Clinton was still in the running for the office.)  As the months went on, the answers were aimed at Democratic candidate Barack Obama and Republican John McCain.

As of October 2008, kids from 29 states answered the survey—Arizona, California, Connecticut, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin.

Although it is important that every people has a political voice in this country, I couldn’t really list all of the messages that kids wanted to send to the new president.  There were over a thousand of them. I tried to pick ones that represented the different opinions expressed. They are listed so the most recent ones were first.  They are printed here exactly as they were written.



Dear President, I think that keeping our country safe is very important if i could choose ten most important things it would be The war, Keeping safe, Global warming, making sure all Americans can go to hospitals, making sure that Americans have jobs, working with other countries on the world’s problems, Making sure Americans have school, Stopping the cutting of the rain forest, loaning money to other countries in need Helping other countries with there problems. This letter might be long and important but I think that every one should say something no matter how unimportant it is. I like my school but I think that it needs more money it is falling apart. It is hard for such a little school. Unimportant but important

you better save us from global warming.

I hope you will make the world more save.

Make good choices in what you do because it is all up to you to decide what to do. We all voted you to be president because we thought you were going to do a good job. So good luck!

Stand up for what you believe in and don’t back down.

you need to lower gas prices and use something else to fuel cars.

Think about what you will leave for us!

The middle class people are supporting the country. The president should support them and make the rich people put in their share of taxes.

Fulfill your campaign promises!

Listen to the people and by the people i don’t mean your adivers and the other government job holders. i mean listen to us, the kids, the adults, and all the others. Heck!! even the animals and the rest of the world around you!!!!!!!!!! i feel very strongly that if the president were to listen rather then do then this country will be on the way to sucess.

Stop the War already!

Don’t doubt the power of our pollution to the earth because one day it will all add up and it won’t be funny

To try to work out problems with different countries

can you help make the world a better place

Immigrats who aren’t supposed to be in our country is something very important to me and I think that everyone should speak the same language.

give the homeless homes

Nothing is impossible.

don’t do what george bush did dont ever pick a fight with other countries and dont just go to a country and try and beat them up because its not fair to be a bully to the less fortunate

Try to think about all the people, not just rick, not just poor, make laws equally.

I hope you do a wonderful job and to have a good time doing it.

Bring us together

Please don’t start a war someplace else

Instead of sending troops to Iraq you should send them to Afganistan.

Save the earth! It’s the only one we have. Stop pollution! Slow global warming.

I am glad and keep your noisecleen.

I really hope that you will make a difference and I am praying that the wars will stop and you can help us stop littering.(more street cleaners,trashcans,ect.) And STOP THE VIOLENCE!!!!! I have a little 2 year old brother who almost got killed along with my mom because of a shoot out in front of my grandmothers house and a woman lost both of her sons who were only 18 and 20 and that is scary. My 9 year old brother almost got shot too! that is scary to know that this could be your last day on earth and it frightens me alot!

Dear, the new president of the united states of America who ever you are i know that you must be a great president be we chose you. anyway i would like to explain to you some of the problems that all the American citizens have to deal with. Most importantly figure out what your going to do with Iraq and quickly end it. Next which really should go before Iraq and war, is the violence caused by the unavailable jobs for all people who live in America. Not having available jobs keeps kids and adults in the streets which makes them eager to make money so they either take or steal. so then they end up in trouble and then the government blames them. so thats the main problem. your student citizen

can we get out from school earlier for vacation

I would say that he or she should make sure every American should have a good life and be treated the way they want to be treated!

bring down the taxes for are parents.

I think that every one should have the right to vote because we are all American citizens and have opinions that are important. No one should be left out of one of the most important events in America,no matter what.

I would like to give the new president a message saying to make a better economy so everything in stores and gas stations doesn’t cost so much.

Please help the problems that are important such as giving homeless people shelter, stopping the war, making sure all people can go to good doctors, and all other things that could risk people’s health.

I would like to tell the new president that the schools need new and updated books.

Work with the senate and congress. if you don’t problems could occur in times of emergency, and our country could be in trouble. Also, find an alternative fuel.

Some family’s can not afford their houses anymore because of the prises for gas,food and etc.If everyone says that they can help change the prises of things, why hasn’t anyone done anything yet?

Some candidates say that they are going to make things better but don’t say how.Explain how you will make things better for our country.

I would like to say that GLOBAL WARNING could destroy the human race, so please HELP US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i hope you could do the best you can about gas prices because most people are losing way to much money on gas not everyone is rich we also need to watch the money spending AMERICA use to be the strongest nation in the world but our country is falling fast and steadily

I want things to be more better in gas and other things that should be lower down because my family doesn’t go to many places because of gas. And I hope your going make better changes.

what ever you do keep peace in AMERICA!!!

A message for the new president that I would like to give to him is the issue of Global Warming. I would like him to do something about it because there are animals suffering and it’s not right for them.

hope you can fix the world.

The war in Iraq is a very serious issue and something should be done immediately. But Iraq has access to nuclear power, so if we take all of the troops out of Iraq, God only knows what will happen. The US could be in serious trouble, we could get bombed. So they should send more troops into Iraq and end this war before it gets any worse.

Hii!!! I have always wanted to talk to a president you must have alot of time reading all of this. My whole class has done this so there should be alot for you to read well i guess you really do care what we think. I want a president that does care what kids think because we learn alot about this in school and we know about the democrats and the republicans and the independent voters. I really think that we need to do somthing about Global Warming I would like to have kids and grandkids and to see them healthy well i will let you get on reading other ones ♥Thanks Alot♥

I would hope that you have a safe life in the presidential world. Don’t listen to those that are convincing you do things that are bad. Don’t sign things before you skim through it or read it I also want to say that we should also help those not only in Africa, but those in others places such as Haiti(not to say you aren’t helping). I also think that being an immigrant shouldn’t be a problem. Lower the mortgage rates in the U.S. and other places. May there be the best wishes with you and all the spririts in our Lord God.

try to only have the car dealer ships sell hybrids and make hybrids.

Please don’t pull the troops out. If you do, the terrorists will attack again and again. I know that we are losing lots of troops, but it isn’t a good decision to pull them out. And also, MAKE the commpanies lower the gas prices, they are not in control of you, you are in control of them.

That the Iraqis need peace and it isnt fair to them if we leave because a dictator may take over that will be as bad as Sadam Hussein so Iraqis might die and we dont want or need THAT!!!

Start to fix the economy. Start to create jobs.

Try not to do a bad job

Dear New President, Congratulations on your win in the election, I hope you will do a good job in office because if you don’t there could be serious issues and could cause many problems in this country, no offense though. I’m a serious person and I tend to get things done! So don’t be lazy, you have a mission and it is to help ALL citizens in YOUR job. So I really hope you will be like me and help the people. We need you. Thanks

Good luck you’re are going to need it.

I hope you do a good job, because i could be your successor!

I would say to try to focus on the issues and not just be too powerhungry.

Please do a great job with the country and don’ t have us kids go to war. I’m proud to be an American

Close Gitmo.

Make the right desions and make america a better place to live. Also not to just worry about YOU being safe but every single citizen. Worry about how america could be a bad place so you can decide what NOT to make those things happen. Be a good person stop drugs,violence and bad critiziem. Make EVERBODY feel like they belong in this world and most of all happy. I think you should be responsible for YOUR actions. Don’t just think your the president and you could do what ever you want… take stand and understand what that word means and try to be the best so that you could lead the world on.

I think that our country is a great one, but we need to save it. Forget us the world! If you are a good president you would know that GLOBAL WARMING is a BIG problem. Our earth is withing away to nothing and if we don’t make energy consumption laws fast we just might be caught in a fight for oil. It is bad for our earth and we can’t WASTE it till we are starving for a new energy source. Also all americans should have the right and money for healthcare. STOP kicking the econemy around and get Americans what they ask for! I hope you are a responsible adult and you make our country proud.

work hard because you have come a long way


Dear President, can you stop the war in Iraq because it’s causing a lot of trouble in the United States of America.

you control a big part of are future work hard to improve it.

With all the extra money you have don’t spend it all on the war spend it on other stuff like America’s problems and like charities and hospitals and doctors and kids who are disabled and give money so people could go to good schools and jobs and give some money to buy houses to the victims of hurricane Katrina unlike what Bush did and spent all the money on the war in Iraq and had no money left over.

thanks for wanting to lead us on i hope you be a great leader


I do not like to vote because it is a waste of time and knoe one has to vote if they do not want to and have a nice year being president who ever you are.

to help the poor people and give me the right to be a star

Put yourself in the average citizen’s shoes and then decide which way you vote on an issue.

Please make our country a place where people want to live.

Ok, the pressure is on! now that you’ve gotten this far, everyone is watching you. If you make a mistake, everyone will know! So be careful and make the right desisions!

New President, You should be very proud that you won the election. Three things I ask is that may you please consider recycling a lot more than we do now, May you please lower gas prices, and may you please get United States out of debt. Good Luck!!! Sincerely, A United States 5th Grade Student

To make sure that everyone gets to see adoctor once in a while.

I want you to do a good job if you don’t then I’ll protest have a good day.

I hop that you can help are erath and try to stop the badness becuse there has been a lot of killing neer my house and that makes me feel fritend.

Do a better job and don’t lie to us. We aren’t stupid but we are powerless. The lord will make things right.

Dear president, Please try hard to stop global warming.I love animals and when an animal becomes extinct it makes me sad. Thank you.

you should believe in yourself and believe in your dreams

That I we dont want no more immigration going on.

we sould have better schools.peacse and love ya

to give liberty to mexicans and thats why they call the united states the land OF THE FREE.

can we get ower owne labtops?

I think if the war is ended the tax rate would go down and people could afford to live in America.

Tell us the truth

have a nice life.If you die we will still remember you.

Listen closely, I hate polloution, law breakers, and people who are let free or have broke out of prisin.

Congratlations on getting to be the president. it is a lot of work but i know you can do it!