All in Just One Cookie Lesson Plans

All in Just One Cookie

A TEACHER’S GUIDE TO CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES                                             

When Grandma hears that her grandchildren are coming to visit, she decides to make chocolate chip cookies. Each time she puts an ingredient in the mixing bowl, her dog and cat make a special journey to find out how it got to Grandma’s kitchen.

All in Just One Cookie is an ALA Notable and according to the Boston Globe, Author Susan E. Goodman goes through the ingredients—painstakingly, spryly—giving us a global, scientific, and historical perspective for each one in language crisp as a homemade cookie.

The lesson ideas for this book come from the ingenuity of others.

Here, for example, comes a delicious geography lesson by a homeschool mom who posted it on her blog, Almost Unschoolers.  To read what she did, just click on the photo of her kids at work–baking and learning.



This great set of lessons uses food and nutrition to teach Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Consumer Education and more to grades K-6.  They were kind enough to list All in Just One Cookie as a resource.  Again, click on the picture to go to the exercises.