Life on the Ice Lesson Plans

Life on the Ice


How does it feel to be near the North Pole when it’s so cold that a cup of hot water, thrown in the air, explodes into ice particles? What’s it like to be somewhere even colder—the South Pole, where a refrigerator containing fruits and vegetables has to be heated? Come explore these two places where few people have ever been.

The National Science Teachers Association recommended Life on the Ice, saying,  “Intermediate readers will delight in the information matched with actual photographs of the arctic environment, scientists, and wildlife. Unique features of life at the poles are included to tempt readers to continue exploring.”

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We are very lucky.  The National Science Foundation has assembled a fantastic compendium of information about the polar regions specifically for elementary school teachers.  It includes great lesson plans across the curriculum from polar animals to the people of the Arctic to Water, Ice, and Snow to Polar Explorers.  It also suggests Life on the Ice in its reading list.  Just click on the logo to go to this amazing resource