It’s a Dog’s Life







Have you ever wondered what your dog sees when he looks at a sunset? Or smells with her nose to the ground? And what IS your pooch trying to say with those big puppy eyes?  This book answers those questions and a whole lot more. Covering everything from dog breeds to their evolution and behavior, this accessible nonfiction book will satisfy even the most voracious fact hounds.


     •Junior Library Book Selection

     •Horned Toad Tale List, 2014-2015

     •2014 Beehive Book Award Nominee

     •2014 Mississippi Children’s Choice Award Nominee – The Magnolia Award Grades 3-5

     •Missouri KC3 Book Award Nominee, 2014-2015

A charming must-have book for every fan of the canine…Any dog owner will become a better one as a result of reading this book. Any dog lover will want to linger over its pages. –The Boston Globe

Wittily illustrated in child-appealing, cartoony watercolors and chock-full of simple explanations of why man’s best friends do what they do, this is just the book for younger dog lovers, dog owners and wannabes. –Kirkus Reviews

This fun and funny book explores the history, sensory reality, and “secret life” of dogs. Supported by Slonim’s pitch-perfect cartoon illustrations…this title is ideal for young dog lovers, including reluctant readers.  —School Library Journal

An agreeable and enlightening jumble of facts and humor.—Publisher’s Weekly

Blends fiction and nonfiction effortlessly as our fearless narrator (a dog) tells us all about how dogs use their senses to interact with one another and with their humans. —Teri Lesesne, professor of children’s and YA literature in the Library Science Department of Sam Houston State University

With its goofy, informative charm, this has potential for readers hurried or reluctant as well as simply dog-loving… —Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books


A long time ago some dogs were pets, but most of them had jobs.  The pug filled both categories.. It was bred as a lapdog to Europe’s lords and ladies.  Its popularity soared when pug owners discovered that their own fleas (a problem 500 years ago!) would jump to their dog.