It’s a Dog’s Life Contest #4 October 15-November 14 Winners announced November 15th!

You have two chances to win a free signed copy of It’s a Dog’s Life for each round of the contest!

To see who won the third, the September 15th-October 14th contest, click here.

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Once every month, we’ll publish a new picture of a dog or two.  If you think you know what these pups are up to, write in and we will post your answer (using just your first name, the first initial of your last name, hometown, and state.  If you’re a kid, we’d like to include your age too.).  If you have no idea, but want to guess or suggest a funny caption for the photo, give it a try. We’ll post ‘em and give you all a chance to win a copy of the book

On November 15th, Joe, the narrator of It’s a Dog’s Life, will spill the beans and explain what the dog is doing AND announce two winners: one who had the right answer and another who submitted one of the funnier captions.  Susan will send both of them a signed book.

Meanwhile Joe will present a new pooch (doing who knows what?) for the next round of the contest.  (Want to see a sample contest?) (Want to see the previous contests?)

Ready to start?

 Submit your best guess or funniest caption to this round after reading the contest rules below.





-Write your entry in an email message to  Attachments will not be opened.

-Include your name, age, the town and state you live in, and your e-mail address in your e-mail. Your first name and last initial, town and state will be used when posting your answer; if you’re a kid we’ll include your age as well.

-Only people living in the United States and Canada can win and, while you are welcome to enter every contest, you can only win once.

-Everyone is welcome to submit an entry.  But kids under 13 must ask the important adults in their life to send in their answers for them (Sorry, that’s the law!).  We need to know you have permission.

-Any answers that would offend or embarrass people won’t be posted.  In fact, Susan retains the right not to post any answer.

-Last rule?  Have fun; use your intellect, imagination and sense of humor.  Above all, channel your canine IQ!