The facts are ‘awesome,’…a fun readaloud for preschoolers to add to their vrooming play, and it is sure to grab some new readers who think books are heavy and dull. –Booklist








Whether they’re jumping barrels, zipping along the highway, or tearing up a racetrack, motorcycles are the coolest things on two wheels!  Read about the different types of cycles, how they work, and the exciting things they do.


A fun dream-book for kids praying for a starter bike for their next birthday. –School Library Journal

Varied action photographs in addition to an enthusiastic text rich with attention-grabbing facts…makes this an action-packed easy reader. —The Horn Book Guide



Every year, about 500,000 people come to a huge motorcycle rally in Sturgis, North Dakota.  My favorite favorite sight was this rider who customized this own bike–and his helmet to match.  Mike and I nicknamed him, “Spiky Guy.”