How Do You Burp in Space?

5, 4, 3, 2, 1…BLAST OFF!

… well chosen to turn armchair travelers into the other sort (when technology finally catches up with demand, this is)!  -School Library Journal

.…well chosen to turn armchair travelers into the other sort (when technology finally catches up with demand, that is)!  -School Library Journal





Want to blast into orbit? Snag a photo of a shooting star? Your time is coming! And this guide gives you the information you need to plan a space vacation, including what to pack (no bubble bath or juggling balls), what to expect from your accommodations (a sleeping bag attached to the wall), and what to do for fun (play leapfrog on the Moon).


        ●Junior Library Guild Selection

        ●Illinois Bluestem Book Award Nominee, 2016

        ●Young Hoosier Book Award Nominee, Indiana 2015-2016

        ●Black Bear Book Award Nominee, Maine 2013-2014

The Sandy Hook School in Newtown, CT chose How Do You Burp in Space? as their book for One School, One Read this year. Their first nonfiction choice ever–what an honor!

…just too many great, solid, interesting, scientific facts to do justice to them here. Readers will not want to skip any pages, since each one contains information that is sometimes amazing and always entertaining. The mixture of accurate science and human-interest nuggets will keep any reader engrossed in this book. It is probably one of the best middle-reader science books this year. It is written in a compelling, exciting style, with a lot of humor throughout. The illustrations are great, and the photographs are superb. Children's Literature

With space tourism close to becoming a reality, Goodman and Slack offer aspiring young intergalactic travelers an entertaining and informative travel guide…details included are both revelatory and delivered in a way that maximizes engagement…breezy narrative also incorporates amusing and inspirational comments from astronauts and space scientists. -Kirkus Reviews

What happens when you cry in space? Click on the photo to find out.

Speculations pack in the fun, but the science is serious. -Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

…packed full of facts that will appeal to reluctant readers–how to burp in space, go to the bathroom in orbit, and sleep while acting as a satellite. But it also explains the science behind everything that happens in a space craft, and the author’s note tells how research factored into this engaging work of non-fiction. -Biblio Links

Students will love this book!…it’s not about grownups who are astronauts, which can seem distant and very unobtainable to children. Instead this book functions on the premise that children can really and truly be space travelers. Its focus is on what to expect and how to prepare…the perfect combination of education and fun. -rated Essential by Kiss the Book (a librarians' blog)

Overall it was a great read for both of us (an eight-year-old child) and certainly sparked many late night conversation and moon gazing.  -Language of Mankind

Here is a great review that appeared in The Huffington Post.


Eating in space (eating in microgravity) is a different kind of meal. For one thing, playing with your food is actually encouraged. Also water is sticky in microgravity so moist foods usually stick to a spoon and can be easily carried to your mouth. Nevertheless, astronaut Sally Ride used to have a problem with her scrambled eggs floating away.

One activity in my How Do You Burp in Space? lesson plans asks kids to invent sports for people to play in microgravity.  Students at the JFK School in Boston gave it a try.  Not surprisingly, their creations often mixed fun, physical activity and eating candy! Take a look.