New readers, especially boys, will argue over who gets this book next.  -School Library Journal







Every day, over land and sea, helicopters are hard at work. They help fight forest fires and rescue soldiers from battle. They help catch criminals and find lost children. Read Choppers! to find out how these amazing machines work and the exciting things they can do.


Winner of the Maryland Blue Crab Young Reader Award : In clearly written concise chapters accompanied by exciting color photos that extend the drama of the text, Goodman tells the history, design and capabilities of this versatile aircraft. Readers are sure to be captivated learning all that choppers can do from battling blazes to rescuing animals and people.


When Mike and I went on a photo shoot for Choppers!, we rode with the U.S. Air Force in a helicopter called a Pave Hawk.  We wore five-point restraints or harnesses as seatbelts.  It was a good thing, too. The pilot left the doors open so Mike could get great pictures.  When the chopper banked on its side to make a turn, I could see 300 feet of air between me and the ground, and I was very glad I was buckled in.