The Truth About Poop and Pee








Penguin, the publisher of The Truth About Poop and Gee Whiz: It’s All About Pee, had a great idea–combine the books into a perfectly-sized paperback so kids can read them both in one sitting.  What is there to know about something you’ve been doing since birth?  Plenty.  Did you know that the chemicals in pee can be used to bleach clothing and reduce city smog?  Or that poop can fuel a trip to Mars?  And, that’s just the beginning…


A winning combination of scientific curiosity and amusement.  -Publishers Weekly (starred review), The Truth About Poop

Taro Gomi’s Everyone Poops for the “Captain Underpants” set.  -School Library Journal,  The Truth About Poop

This volume may make scientists of even the most reluctant readers. -Publisher’s Weekly, Gee Whiz

I was thrilled to see Susan Goodman follow up her classic The Truth About Poop with Gee Whiz! It’s All About Pee. -Kathleen Baxter, School Library Journal


I found more amazing facts about poop and pee than I had room for in the original two books.  So we covered the endpapers with cool facts as well.  Both sets are in The Truth About Poop and Pee.  Here are two of my favorites:

During the American Revolution, English people jokingly hung portraits of George Washington in their bathrooms, since fear is supposed to help you poop.


Mouse pee is so stinky, scientists build a special mouse house so astronauts could bring mice into space.  The unit can control the odors for twenty-one days.  To be safe, NASA only allows mice up there for seventeen.