Claws, Coats, and Camouflage

A large amount of material…a fun read or excellent resource for animals and how they fit into their world. 

Shirley Smith Duke, Simply Science




Some animals disguise themselves as plants. Others sweat through their mouths. Still others “see” with their ears instead of their eyes. Animals have all sorts of ways to stay safe, find food, and have babies.  This book reveals some of their very best tricks!


  • OutstandingTrade Science Book…Children’s Book Council/National Science Teachers’ Association

Both narrative and photographs are understandable, engaging, and informative…well suited for both classroom and browsing.  -Booklist

The book encourages critical thinking; a child is shown a picture of an animal and asked to guess what that animal’s particular adaptation might be. It really is an enjoyable, educational, and interactive book.  -Cathy D. Lally, Amazon reviewer


One reason tree frogs are such great climbers is that all their toes have round pads that grip onto things.  These pads also produce a sticky goo that helps the frogs climb up even the smoothest branch.                   

Even Spider-Man isn’t always as lucky.  He can cling onto a surface just fine through the thin layer of his official superhero costume.  But when he is dressed as Peter Parker and he needs to crawl up a building (or tree!), he must first remove his shoes.