Seeds, Stems, and Stamens

This fine book…is both creative and inviting.

-School Library Journal





Some stay safe by squirting poison at their enemies. Others hunt up a little meat for dinner or steal their food from other plants. This book looks at all the different adaptations plants use to compete for sunshine, get water and nutrients, stay safe, and make their next generation.


  • Best Trade Science Book…Children’s Book Council/National Science Teachers’ Association

The format encourages interaction and prediction…The text is clearly and concisely written, and Doolittle’s color photography is outstanding.  -Booklist



The inventor of sticky flypaper may have stolen the idea from a sundew plant.  A sundew’s leaves are covered with hairs.  And those hairs are covered with “sundew glue.” The insect that lands on the sundew may have dropped in for dinner, but will stay there for good.  It sticks to the hairs, which fold over and trap it.  Now it has become dinner instead!