All in Just One Cookie


Turns even more young gourmands into globetrotters. –Kirkus Reviews






When Grandma hears that her grandchildren are coming to visit, she decides to make chocolate chip cookies. Each time she puts an ingredient in the mixing bowl, her dog and cat make a special journey to find out how it got to Grandma’s kitchen.


  • ALA Notable Children’s Book of 2007

A marvelous book that combines…Author Susan E. Goodman goes through the ingredients—painstakingly, spryly—giving us a global, scientific, and historical perspective for each one in language crisp as a homemade cookie.  -The Boston Globe

Readers will be handsomely rewarded by multiple readings of this delightful tale.  -Children’s Literature


There’s always something you wish you could have gotten into a book, but didn’t.  Did you know that if a hen lays white, brown, or speckled eggs, the color of her ear feathers matches the color of the eggshell?  Some breeds lay green or pinkish eggs, but their ear feathers aren’t quite as colorful.