Ultimate Field Trip 4

 Well-written and beautifully photographed. -Booklist

                                                                                                                                                                       A group of kids trade their jeans and electronics for buttoned trousers and petticoats.  They step back in time to an era before electricity, before cars – even before indoor plumbing. During their week in the 1800s, the kids learn valuable lessons about the past – and, about their own lives in the present.


  • Junior Library Guild Selection

This field trip is perfect for anyone interested in life in days past, and upon completing it, young people will have a greater appreciation for what is generally taken for granted.  -School Library Journal

A viewpoint that other historical approaches lack.  -Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books



This kids in this book spent a week in a recreated 19th century village, living the life of 19th century kids.  They ended up using many things they’d never seen before.  Writing with a feather quill dipped in ink is a new experience!