On This Spot: An Expedition Back Through Time

Brilliantly conceived.
-Child Magazine







On This Spot is a virtual time machine, transporting one spot in New York City—and you—back through history. It begins with the race of rumble of today’s New York but when you turn the page, you travel back 175 years where, on that same spot, carriages bumped and pigs raced across cobblestones. Turn again and visit New Amsterdam. Again and see a Lenape Indian trail crossing this spot. Traveling back over 540 million years, readers will see glaciers, dinosaurs, towering mountains, and much, much more.


  • One of the Top Five Picture Books of 2004 –The Washington Post
  • Junior Library Guild Selection
  • Children’s Literature Association of Utah’s Beehive Award Nominee

Your children’s heads will spin in the smartest way after taking the time to read this book.  -PlanetEsme.com

This picture book is a great way to introduce the sweep of history and the drama of geological change.  -Booklist

This imaginative, beautifully illustrated book offers an unbeatable way to introduce children to what the poet Philip Larkin called ‘the long perspectives.’  -The Washington Post


When you see busy, crowded Time Square, it’s hard to imagine how different New York City looked only 175 years ago.  There were chickens in almost every backyard.  Mothers warned their children to stay away from the wild pigs that ran  through the streets.