Robert Henry Hendershot: True Stories from America’s Past

Adventure and a youthful point of view keep this story moving right along. -School Library Journal







Robert runs away from home to become a drummer boy for the Union Army. He wants to participate in a battle, but his captain says that he’s too young. Can Robert find a way to become a hero?


A good example of how an early chapter book can provide substantial historical material in a simple format and still do its subject justice. A solid offering for young readers. -Kirkus Reviews

With a good deal of dialogue, the book is a quick read that will grab children with the fast-paced action of a boy at war, even as it fills in the decidedly non-glorious facts about the terrible defeat of the Union army at the battle that made Robert a hero…together they make this a good springboard, even for older readers, for talking about history, story, truth, and the meaning of war. -Booklist


Doris Ettlinger, the illustrator of this book, did a great job helping bring Robert’s adventures to life.  This photograph of the real Robert was taken after the Civil War, when he was somewhere between 14 and 18 years old.

Can you imagine this guy having all those adventures?