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May 2008
See How They Run

See How They Run
Illustrated by Elwood H. Smith
Bloomsbury Children's Books
Ages 8 and up

Available in hardcover
ISBN-13 978-1599902852
Available in paperback
ISBN-13 978-1599901718

Take The Kids Speak Out! Survey 

The presidential elections are coming up in 2008—and so is my book about them.

September 2007

Photographs by Michael J. Doolittle
Random House Children’s Books
Step Into Reading, Level 3

Available in hardcover
ISBN 0-375-94116-9
Available in paperback
ISBN 0-375-84116-4

Whether they’re jumping barrels, zipping along the highway, or tearing up a racetrack, motorcycles are the coolest things on two wheels!  Read about the different types of cycles, how they work, and the exciting things they do.

“The facts are ‘awesome,’…a fun readaloud for preschoolers to add to their vrooming play, and it is sure to grab some new readers who think books are heavy and dull.”—Booklist

Also in 2007
Saving the Whooping Crane


Saving the Whooping Crane
Illustrated by Phyllis B. Saroff
Millbrook Press
(Lerner Publishing Group)

Ages 4-8
Available in hardcover, 48 pages
ISBN 0-8225-6748-6


Whooping cranes were in danger of becoming extinct and scientists decided to create a new flock.  They used an incubator to hatch them, but who would raise the chicks?  Who would teach them to fly and to migrate south for the winter?