The Truth About Poop

The Truth About Poop
Illustrated by Elwood H. Smith
Viking (Penguin Young Readers Group)

Ages 7 and up
Available in hardcover
ISBN 0-670-03674-9
Available in paperback
ISBN 978-0-142-40930-5

Take the poop quiz!

Poop! We call it a waste product, but poop can also be…
• bricks to build a house
• fuel to power a trip to Mars
• wipes for a baby’s bottom
• buttons for your next sweater

While we politely avoid the subject, amazing things are happening in digestive tracts all over the world.

“Science writer Goodman deserves a round of applause, and no raspberries, for demystifying a risky topic…a winning combination of scientific curiosity and amusement.” –Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“Genuinely original and interesting information that succeeds in taking its subject past the ‘Eww’ barrier and into a broader biological context.”
— Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

Chicago Public Library’s Best of the Best List 2005
“Pick of the Week” –-Time Out New York’s children’s website
Featured in Scholastic Book Fairs

Poop Quiz

A Quiz!

Do you know…

What is metro-marble?
How much toilet paper does an average American use each year?
What does eating beets do to your poop?
What poop substitute did manufacturers once use to test diapers?
True or False?

Early Hawaiians used coconut husks as toilet paper.
People stranded at sea should store their poop in the life raft.
Geese poop about twice an hour.
Some Bedouins use dried camel poop to wipe their babies’ bottoms

Click here for the answers!


Do you Know?

1. City sewage pressed into brown “stone” and used to make jewelry in Japan.
2. On average, about ¾ of a mile.
3. Beets make your poop look red.
4. Mashed potatoes and peanut butter. Yum!

True or False?
1. TRUE And they call Hawaii a paradise!
2. TRUE Sharks can smell poop over a mile away.
3. FALSE It’s worse—about 5 times an hour.
4. TRUE Seems counterproductive, doesn’t it?


0-1: nincompoop
2-5: you dung real good
6-8: royal flusher

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